Friday, October 21, 2011

That 70s bar stool

I recently found a couple of old bar stools at my favourite second hand shop in Ipswich (ten bucks each, bargain!!). They were in good condition, no tears on the seats, just a bit rusty but I wanted to give them a bit of a face lift.

So, first off I removed the seats, scoured off the rust with sandpaper and coated the legs and foot rests with ocean blue kill rust (all instructions are on the spray can).

For the seat covers I deconstructed some old jeans. First I cut open the jean legs, flattened them out then placed the seats on them and traced around each with tailors chalk. I measured the height of the cushions and added an extra 10cm to give me plenty of material to roll under and cut out two long strips to the length of each of the circle diameters.

Next I sewed together the short ends of the strips to make two circular pieces, then pinned each to its
matching seat top before double stitching them together and finishing them off with a top stitch to hold the seam down.

I was originally going to use a staple gun and simply staple the denim covers to the base of the seats but after a bit of thought I decided that a better option would be elastic so the covers can be removed if they need a clean (things need to be washable with a toddler around). I made a casing for the elastic and threaded it through, zigzag stitched the ends of the elastic together and closed up the seam.

I pulled the elastic pretty tight as I wanted to make sure it pulled the cover round the seat nice and taught (it was a little tricky getting the seat in but with a little bit of wiggling it was ok).

To finish them off I screwed the seats back on to the legs and now we've got somewhere to sit when we eat our breakfast. YAY


  1. Looking good! I'm glad the shop is going well :)

  2. PS. There's an award for you over at my blog :)


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