Thursday, February 9, 2012

DAY eighteen - 30 days of handmade

A fantastic thrift store find today - check out all these hand embroidered beauties:

They were hiding in a plastic bag at the Lutheran Bargain Centre and when I spied the girl with her cart I just about did back flips. This might sound weird but when I pulled them all out the starchy, clean smell took me straight back to afternoon teas with Nanna.

I've been building up a stash of crocheted and embroidered doilies for ages and I'm excited about using them in some new projects. I love sewing with vintage pieces, the perfect tiny stitches and the little blemishes, all these wonderful references to the past that are honoured when they're incorporated into a new garment and worn and appreciated by a new generation.

I've had a lovely evening scouring the interwebs looking for inspiration - how gorgeous are these?

I'm loving this combination of soft denim and thrifted doilies

little miss doily
little miss doily
and the vintage style and hanging from the jacaranda tree photo shoot.

Ahh happiness is a headful of ideas and a cupboard full of doilies.

x Bec

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