Saturday, February 11, 2012

DAY twenty - 30 days of handmade

A Sunday project- contemplating turning this:

into something like this:
poetic home

Or is this just sacrilegious? I promise it doesn't work anymore. I've checked out a few tutorials and they suggest to put rocks in the bottom, then add soil and succulents eeeek. I was thinking I'd pop some thick plastic in first to protect the typewriter innards and then build it from there.

What are your thoughts?



  1. ooh very cute. well... are you ever going to use it again for it's real purpose? if no then do it!

  2. Oh it is so lovely. I don't know that I could bring myself into turning it into a planter... but really - if it's not being used for its original purpose then why not?

  3. Thanks ladies, I had fun with this one.


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